Wireless microphone system

Wireless microphone system
Model: UT-1004    Series: UHF FIXED FREQUENCY
Features: True Diversity Reception
Use UHF420-560MHZMHz band frequency to avoid interference
High-frequency and multi-level narrow-band frequency selective frequency filter, the full elimination of interference signal
Hand-held microphone with power indicating circuit, replace the battery tips
All use of quartz oscillator circuit has a very high frequency stability
Use of audio compression - extension technology, greatly reducing the noise, increased dynamic range
Whistle down with reduced functionality transfusion can effectively reduce transfusion whistle
High-frequency receiver using multi-level amplification, with high sensitivity
Independent of output and mix output, which can be accessed and karaoke mixer amplifier
First digital noise squelch control circuit
Multiple noise monitoring circuit, so that it has strong anti-interference characteristics of
Frequency response is designed according to speech features, strong bass. IF area bright. Treble clarity
With perfect switching noise elimination circuit to avoid the open switch, a huge pulse noise, damage to expensive speakers or affect the conduct programs
Have the best impact noise elimination circuit power switch, so that when you boot or shut down completely not hear the impact of noise
Uniform cardioid directivity can effectively enhance the main sound source while minimizing background noise suppressed
Built-in spherical wind and sonic boom anti-efficient filters
Excellent selection of chips and quality components make this machine excellent sound quality
Kongkuo maximum distance of 80 meters to use, a distance of 50 meters ideal Kongkuo 
Fixed Receiver:
Power supply voltage: AC220V/45-60HZ
Power consumption: 5WATER
SNR:> 90dB
False interference ratio:> 80dB
Adjacent channel interference ratio:> 80dB
Receiver sensitivity:> 5dBu (SINAD = 20dB)
To add: 50uS 
Handheld Microphone:
Transmit Power: 20mW
Modulation: FM, F3F
Maximum modulation: ± 25KHZ
High-order harmonic: less than over the main Porgy quasi-40DB
Power supply voltage: 9V
Continuous use of time: 6 hours
Comprehensive Performance:
Carrier Frequency: UHF420-560MHz
Frequency stability: <± 30ppm
Dynamic Range:> 90dB
Harmonic Distortion: <0.5%
Frequency Response: 40HZ ~ 15KHZ ± 3dB
Audio Output: Balanced: 0 ~ ± 400mV
Hybrid: 0 ~ ± 200mV

Product Origin: China
Model Number: UT-1004
Brand Name: Unitang

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